Restoring Hope - You Have Forgotten Who You Are!

Many people have forgotten who they are and tend to lead their lives as 'victims' of conditions rather than a 'creators' of their conditions. Learn to understand and harness the power of thought to begin to be the way you want to be, do the things that you want to do, and have the things you want most to have.

Tony's presentation changed my life by giving me a new way of thinking.  I was able to move forward and forgive a couple of people.  I loved the 'home', 'porch', 'yard' example and often refer back to it.        
Marlo, resident, Beacon of Life
With Tony coming to the Beacon the times he did, I was able to put myself more at peace.  He opened my eyes to a lot of things and one thing in particular is that, I can be at 'home' with myself... I am a strong woman ... I love myself today, and I'm at peace and will no longer let things take control of me.  I am in control of my attitude, my words, and my behavior.  I am thankful that Tony has brought those things and others back to my attention.  Thanks!     -Kasandra, resident, Beacon of Life
Your program changed my thinking.  I am able to recognize when my thinking or behavior gets too negative.  I was able to change my thinking.  Thank you for coming and please come back!        
Anita, resident, Beacon of Life
This has been wonderful for me because of my grief and guilt.  I don't have to grieve and be guilty anymore.  I'm aware and I don't have to stay there.     
 - Inmate, Iowa Correctional Institution for Women (ICIW)
This changed my view on many things as well as opened my eyes to things that I didn't understand before.  This experience was amazing!    
- Inmate, (ICIW)
This is very useful... I'm going to take what he said and run with it.  He put a lot on my heart about not coming back to prison.   
- Inmate, (ICIW)
It is wonderful that I can let the past be the past.     - Inmate, (ICIW)
I will be able to love myself.    - Inmate, (ICIW)