Reclaiming Your Power – You Are Enough!

We humans are powerful beyond measure. Look at all of the amazing things that we have done as the human race. The unfortunate thing is that many people believe that they are “just” little people, destined to do little things. Learn strategies to renew and restore a sense of power so that you can tap into that awesome power and accomplish some amazing things in your life.

“Whatever your level of Emotional, Spiritual or Intellectual maturity, Tony’s thesis is a worthy lifetime mantra: ‘I Am Enough’.  Insightful thoughts, heart-warming stories and enlightening illustrations bring us ‘Home’ to this truth.  Thank you for the personal affirmation, Tony!”                                                 
Greg Schwab, Major General, Retired, United States Air Force, Captain, Boeing 747-400 United  Airlines
Your statement, 'You are enough', is something very powerful here at the Beacon. Many of the women here need to be reminded that they, like everyone else, are enough. Enough for friends, family, acquaintances, and most importantly for themselves. In order to be at peace with one's self one must be willing to accept their past, present and future, whatever that may hold.  I have seen some of the women really take a look at their lives and evaluate what needs to be changed or what should stay constant. I have seen women come to this house and go from not wanting to be here to successfully moving out and making it on their own. Just recently I spoke to a client that moved out after completing the Beacon's program. When I asked her how she did it, what helped her reach her goals, she replied with 'Tony's speeches'.The simple idea that you can control your own life by simply focusing on yourself was really brought to life within your presentation.           
-Erica Wipperman, Beacon of Life Residential Center for Women