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You Are Enough

The longer I live, the more I realize how many people go through life suffering needlessly. They suffer because of events in their past, they suffer because of what someone else says or does, they suffer because of subconscious programming from the past. Programming that says that they are not good enough, that they are not worthy, that they are not important, that they can't do something.

You Are Enough was written to help people end the needless suffering that has gone on for far too long. To let them know who they are at a fundamental level. It reveals the power of thought and how that power can be harnessed to change their reality and help them create the life that they desire and that they deserve.

At the deepest level they will discover their true self and their true power. Then they will realize what the musical group, America, meant when they said, "Oz didn't give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have". We have everything we need to lead joyous lives filled with abundance, gratitude, and power. We need only tap the power within, and to remember, "We are Enough!"


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“Whatever your level of Emotional, Spiritual or Intellectual maturity, Tony’s thesis is a worthy lifetime mantra: ‘I Am Enough’.  Insightful thoughts, heart-warming stories and enlightening illustrations bring us ‘Home’ to this truth.  Thank you for the personal affirmation, Tony!”     
Greg SchwabMajor General, Retired, United States Air Force, Captain, Boeing 747-400 United  Airlines                                                                                             

“You are Enough reveals the simple truths of life that will take you to a new peaceful place called Home. I have seen the incredible transformation these powerful truths have made in many individuals lives. This is a book that you will pick up time and time again to gain wisdom and knowledge about the simple truths to live peacefully. A must have for all those seeking the acceptance of ourselves.”
- Julie Fugenschuh, L.M.S.W  Executive Director Project IOWA

“This book is an amazing gift if you pay attention and apply it. If you take to heart and put every tool you receive through these teachings there is nothing you can’t do. If applied, the teachings of Tony Wilson create a roadmap to the future you want. By applying the things I have learned from Tony and in this book I have gone from “Hey, my name is Felon, baggage dragging, self-destructing, it’s not my fault, the world looks down on me, Zach Hall”  to "Hey, my name is Zach Hall. I have had many life experiences in which I’ve gained many lessons. It will be my pleasure to get to know you." This book contains every single tool you will need to acquire the life that you want. Because of this, I now have the exact life that I want.”

Zach Hall, Project IOWA Program Participant