Developing Tomorrow's Leaders....Today  

Congratulations on reaching your position of leadership.  If you are like the vast number of leaders that we have encountered in both civilian and military life, you were an outstanding technician and knew your job well.  Possibly, because of your technical expertise, you were recognized and rewarded with a position of leadership.  You may also be like so many newly appointed leaders who realize that they need a whole new set of skills as a manager/leader than those required to be an exceptional worker.  Now you are not only responsible for motivating yourself and reaching personal goals, you must also motivate others toward meeting their goals and help them to align their goals with the goals of the organization.  As you may realize, that is not always an easy task.  You also may be one of those seasoned leaders who realize that there must be an easier way and that some to the “tactics” that you used in the past are no longer effective in this newly emerging workforce.  Either way, this training is for you!   Read more