Power Hour - Lesson One

Happy New Year!

I decided to start 2012 and each day with what I call, my Power Hour.  During my Power Hour I chose one of the pieces of wisdom literature that I have studied over the years, and went one step beyond studying and started to actually apply what the I was studying.  In the past, I would read the information, reflect on it for a bit, maybe, and move on to my next task.  That approach was only moderately effective. With the new approach, the words began to come alive, I'm gaining a new understanding, and the application has really started to come alive.

I also decided that the blog this year would be devoted to sharing what I learn during my Power Hour; inviting anyone to come along on the journey, and, if the information of value, ask followers to make a small donation.

So come along on the journey if you like, or just tune in to the blog and hopefully, you'll get enough information to help you reach your goals and you'll begin to live a fuller, richer, more meaningful life.

The text for the Power Hour is the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.  If you like, you can download a copy at: www.http://images.thesecret.tv/Master-Key-System.pdf.

I hope you'll enjoy the blog!