Power Hour Lesson Two - It All Begins Within

Note:  I'm continuing to share the information that I'm gleaning from The Master Key System by Charles Haanel and invite you to join me in the journey.  This information is from Part One.  You can find The Master Key System at www.http://images.thesecret.tv/Master-Key-System.pdf Good News!  We have a Power within us that can bring about any life circumstance that we desire.  As a matter of fact, we have already used that very Power to create our present life circumstances.  What we are today is a  product of our past thinking and what we'll be tomorrow with be a result of what we think today. Some people might deny this fact, and if and when they do, chances are that they will be stuck in their present life circumstances.  Others will be encouraged by this news.  This means that if they don't like, or they want to improve, their life circumstances, they have the Power to do something about it.

The Power that I'm talking about is the Power of Thought.  Many people look for this Power outside of themselves, but the Power is not out there, it is inside of us.  When we understand it and use it to our advantage, our greatest dreams will come true.  We will realize that our success is a result of our mental attitude, and our mental attitude is dependent on our method of thinking.  Change your thinking, change your attitude, and change your life, it's really that easy.  Our task is to  become aware of the Power that we possess so we can use the Power to our benefit.

This awareness will awaken us to the fact that all things are within our control and when we go to work on the world within, the world without changes because the world without is a reflection of the world within.  The world within is a world of Power, Wisdom, and an infinite supply of all that we want and desire, it is only up to up to tap into it.

Stay tuned for the "how" in upcoming blogs or check out The Master Key and let's have a conversation.