The Universe Works Perfectly

There are many names for what I call "The Universe."  Some say "Creator," "Source," "God," "Consciousness," and many others.  It doesn't matter what name you use, we are still referring to the Source of all that is. Yesterday, on my 66th birthday, I found my Self silently complaining that things were not the way that I wanted them to be.  I went so far as to decide that I would no longer wait for other people to "honor" me, instead, I decided to honor my Self.  I bought my own cake (that looked an awful lot like a cinnamon muffin), made my own card, and even bought my own gift.  Then I thumbed my nose at the world and said "there", since no one will honor me like I want to be honored, I'll do it my Self.

Feeling pretty uncared for, I prepared to facilitate a class, my last obligation for the day....and to my surprise, I was presented with a birthday card, a gift, and a "real" birthday cake.  It was as if I was being reminded that the Universe works perfectly, if only I would be patient.  Lesson learned!