CommonWealth Has A New Tracking System

Thanks to the curiosity and quest for improvement, CommonWealth Des Moines member and founder of CommonWealth Houston, Heather Wilson, has found a data base that we can use to track and monitor the CommonWealth process and transactions. Due to the rapid expansion facilitated by the work of CommonWealth advocate, Tom Urban, it became clear that a more formal process needed to be put in place.  We now have the means to manage the increased traffic and to more effectively utilize the immense number of gifts and talents hidden in our community.  To get an idea of how the CommonWealth process can work, take a look at a sample diagram by clicking here.  . The whole CommonWealth process will be built and managed using our new system.  Thank you, Heather!  We are excited by what we will be able to do to help build community.  Stay tuned for more updates.