All Things Work Together For Good

Following the passing of my brother-in-law, Ernest L. Mackey, recently, I got a glimpse of true love in action.  I got an opportunity to witness true brotherhood and sisterhood.  There was a true blending of people into the "Mackey family", and all were accepted and honored as "family" regardless of whether there were blood ties or not.  Once you are in the Mackey circle, you are considered family.  I saw people who others would consider "crazy", accept what some would consider rivals, and come together in love and complete acceptance.  I saw children with different mothers or fathers stand firmly as "sisters and brothers", not half this or half that.  I saw "grandchildren" loved and cared for in spite of the fact that there were no blood ties.  I got a glimpse of what true family is all about. So, is spite of the passing of my brother-in-law and the sorrow that accompanied it, I got a chance to learn a valuable life lesson and to see true love at work.  What an honor for Mackey, as we called him, to be at the center of such a loving circle.

All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called to his purpose

(Romans 8:28).

Mackey lived his life on purpose and that purpose was love!  He will be missed!