Tried by the Fire

There is a scripture that says that, when we are tried by the fire, we will come out as pure gold.  It doesn't say "if" we are tried by the fire, it says "when" we are tried by the fire.  Therefore, we can expect trials and tribulations (fire) and have the faith that we will survive them and we will be better for each one, closer to our true state (gold).  

We are all like gold, in various states of refinement.  Anyone who knows anything about gold mining knows that, when gold is mined, it is covered with dross. Dross is all the impurities mixed in with the gold.  The dross in our lives is all the issues that we are dealing with. When we remember that we all have issues that we're dealing with, it is easier to look past the dross, in others and in ourselves, and see the gold that is there.  It is easier to love, it is easier to forgive, and it is easier to be patient, when we look for the gold instead of the dross.  

The refining process can not be complete without the fire.  So when the fire comes, and it will come, know that "this too shall pass" and know that you will come out the other side as pure gold.