Child of the Divine

Many of us are walking around, day to day, experiencing undue suffering and hopelessness. This suffering is due to a faulty belief system, a belief system that says that we are not good enough, that we are powerless, helpless, and unable to get those things, or to be the person that makes us happy. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, we are divine beings created in the image and likeness of our creator, regardless of the name we use to describe it. Just as you get grape juice from a grape (its essence), orange juice from an orange (its essence), we are the divine essence of our creator. We are truly a Child of the Divine, with the same creative powers. Those creative power are in our word. We use our word to create our own personally reality. Be careful how you use it and what you create, you have to live in it.

One of our biggest problems or challenges is that we often use our word, our power, against ourselves. We say things about ourselves that are untrue and then wonder why we feel so bad.

If you want to feel better, and I know you do, always speak kindly and lovingly of yourself. As a Child of the Divine, the words you use to think and talk about yourself are words that you are using to think and talk about your creator. We are one and the same, and of the same essence as our creator.

You will always be divine regardless of what you do and regardless of what others have done to you. You are Spirit and Divine Energy, and like them both, you can not be destroyed, you can only be transformed. Be transformed by the way you think, see, feel , and talk about yourself one moment at a time. More moments of happiness and joy to be the result. These moments can turn into a lifetime.