"MY" Hero's Journey

My USM Journey (aka The Hero's Journey :) As is customary, I started the New Year listening to the Universe for my "marching orders" for the year. What I heard was, "In order to move to the next level, surround yourself with others with a higher vibrational level than those who are currently in your circle." To that end, I enrolled in USM (Utimate Success Masterclass).

My Intention in USM is in the area of Business and Career. My Intention is "To share my message of Hope with the World. To have an abundance of money and resources to do all of the things that I desire and to give freely to those in need, and to causes that I support. I realized, due to the world-wide reach of USM, I AM actually sharing my message of Hope with the world through the forum.

My Goal is to develop a support network around me that expands my outreach globally and generates income sufficient to supply all my needs and desires, with income starting at $20,000 per month, and increasing continuously. To that end, if you see an opportunity that you can support me in my goals of reaching a global community, let me know!

A slide in my Mind Movie stated, "My book is a best seller." Since I didn't have a book, I figured that in order for it to become a best seller, I needed to write it. And since the core of the training that I do always gets a rave review, I decided my book would be a conversation with the reader covering the aspects of my training. Here's the 6,000 word book: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5c9tv4jec113qvn/AAAp2ka0fkEGW_LdcKvAiv5Ka/There%20Is%20No%20Place%20Like%20Home%20-%20Teens.docx?dl=0

One of my Weekly Action items was to get feedback on my book, so if you are so inclined, click the link above and share your feedback. If you have and/or work with teens, feel free to share it with them a well.

A line in the Intention Declaration states "I have all of the support I need within the Ultimate Success Masterclass to overcome challenges and stay focused on my goal. I just need to ask." Well as you see, I AM ASKING. If you see any way that you can help me realize my INTENTION or meet my GOAL let me know! Tony Wilson, BA, BHS, MSE Facilitator and Personal Development Coach

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