There Is No Good or Bad

The longer I live, the more I realize that there is no GOOD or BAD.  Everything is NEUTRAL  It only has meaning when WE give it meaning.  Then it is good or bad FOR US.  However, just as it SEEMS bad for us, it may SEEM good for someone else.  That is particularly evident in sports.  In a situation when the score is 4-3, the "winner" could look at the score and feel very good about it. The "loser" could look at the same score and feel very bad about it.  A third party with no interest in either party could look at the same score and have a feeling of total neutrality.

The score of 4-3 is totally neutral until WE give it meaning.

How could we have only one score and still have three different reactions to it? Because we are the givers of meaning! If we don't like how we feel about someone or something, we are free to change the way we think about that person or thing.  If you don't want to be tossed around by the storms of life (and remember, we are the ones stirring up the water), we are free at any time to change our thinking about the situation.

We are in the driver's seat,  Why do we keep handing the wheel over to something that we, ourselves, created, and then complain because we don't like where we end up?

If we don't like the picture that WE created, could it be because we are coloring outside the lines and adding something that is not even there?  Yes, we just making stuff up, acting like it's real, then suffering the consequences.  How foolish?!?!?