The Hero's Journey

I just realized that we are all on the Hero's (Heroine's) journey.  The Hero's journey is a monomyth template offered by Joseph Campbell in his book, Journey with a Thousand Faces  When reviewing the information for some writing that i'm doing, i realized that the problems that we face in life can be located somewhere along the Hero's journey.  I also realized that we can better understand our problems and what to do to get back HOME.  If you look at the graphics in the above articles, you can probably identify where you are in life, realize that where you are is not so unique, terrible, traumatic, etc. as you think it is.  As a matter of fact, everyone who chooses to leave, or is forced out of, their comfort zone is faced with with the same problem, it just manifests in different forms.

All along the way, you realize that the Hero/Heroine ALWAYS has a choice.

However, we also realize that we can never achieve the greatness that we are destined for, unless we face the fear, and take the next step. Fortunately, on the Hero's Journey, everyone makes it HOME, either their earthly one or their eternal one.

Where are you on your Hero's/Heroine's journey.  Do you have the courage to make the next step?  The danger is great, but so are the rewards!