Life-Changing Power

Many of us find ourselves walking around like An Eagle in the Barnyard, not realizing the power that we possess.  We ALL have life-changing power, yet we fail to recognize it.  The funny thing is, the life-changing power that we possess is the power to change someone else's life.  We also fail to realize that, when we change someone else's life, we also change our own. What do I mean by life-changing power?  Here's an example:  There is someone out there struggling to survive, who has a job, but is stuck in a rut because, either they don't have childcare, or the cost is so high that they end up "robbing Peter to pay Paul," month after month after month.  By the time they pay for childcare, they have little left to pay for life's other needs.  There is also someone out there looking for "meaning" in their lives.  Image the blessings they would both receive, and how their lives would change, if they got together and met each others needs...  These kind of opportunities abound everywhere, everyday, right in front of our eyes.

Our power is unlimited, untapped, and underutilized.  Is it any wonder that we feel so little joy in our lives?  The answer to our unfulfilled life is "service".  How will you serve today?

Let me know of other ideas that you can think of, of how we can utilize our life-changing power.