Look At What God Has Made

Do you ever take the time to watch the river flow? Or listen to the birds sing?

I wonder what they're saying?

Do you ever take the time to see the may shades of green on the trees?

Or the blueness of the sky"

I wonder why it's blue.

Why not red or green?

Do you ever take the time to enjoy a cool summer breeze?

Or hear the rustling of the leaves in fall?

Do you ever notice the moon in the late morning sky?

I thought it only shined in the night?

Do you ever notice the water lapping at the shore?

I wonder where the river waters came from?

Do you ever notice the sun shining brightly on the downtown skyline?

Or smell the fragrance of the river?

Do you ever stop to tell your friends how much you appreciate them?

Or thank God for your many blessings?

Why not?

Have you gotten too busy trying to make a living?

Rather than taking time to enjoy the life you have?

Maybe we all should stop for a while and notice all that we have and all that we've been given.

Maybe that is the real key to happiness.

Enjoy what we have.

We won't have it for ever......