Year of Service Update

In my blog on December 28th of last year, I pledged to provide 12 free training sessions this year, one per month.  So far my record is good.  I was invited to make a presentation to youth and their parents in an afterschool program at Norwalk Christian Church.  We talked about the power of thought and how to recognize when our thoughts are not helpful.  We touched on how this information could be used to inoculate kids against bullying.  Maybe some of the participants will comment on this blog so you can get their perspective. One down, eleven to go.  My session for February is on February 28th.  I will be speaking to the alumni group of my alma mater, Central College, at the Waterfront Restaurant.  The topic will be The Health of the Helper.

Has anyone taken me up on the challenge and done the same?  Let me know by commenting on this blog.