Priming the Pump

For those old timers out there, you know what "priming the pump" means.  For those more contemporary city folks, I'll explain.  In the "old days," if you wanted to get water out of a pump, you had to first pour a small amount of water into it to "prime" it.  Once it was primed, you could get as much water as you needed.  If you didn't prime it, you could pump all day and you would only get tired, no water.  And another important point was, you had to leave enough water behind for the next person, so they could prime the pump as well. That seems to me to be an analogy of life.  If you want something out of life you have to "prime the pump".  Like the well, the universe is unlimited and, once you prime it, you can get all you need from it.  There are many "sayings" that tell us how to get what we want.  "You have not because you ask not", "Knock and the door shall be opened", "Seek and ye shall find", and on and on.  The central point in all of these sayings is that you have to do something - you have to prime the pump.  If you want a different outcome in life, "do" something different that leads in that direction.  If you want to be healthier, "do" something that will lead you there.  If you are not happy, "do" something that will lead to happiness.  All your "doing" is an act of priming the pump.

The key ingredient in all of this is Faith, the "substance" of things hoped for.  Faith that water will come out of the pump. faith that your life will be different, faith that you will be healthy, faith that you will be happy.

Prime the pump with faith by asking, knocking, and seeking.  Don't stay in your rut by saying "yes but", don't just do sit there wanting and wishing, get up off your "but" and "do" something!  Like the water, the possibilities are unlimited.