Bloom Where You Are Planted

In my role as a personal and career coach, I often ask people what they would like to do with their lives, if there we no obstacles.  The response is often, "I'd like to ....., but ..." or "I'm going to ...., when...".  My response is to get your "buts" out of the way and start doing whatever your passion is "rat" now!  (Not that mousey kind of rat, but rat now! :) If your passion is to help people, don't wait until you get your human service degree, look around and find some humans that you can serve and start "rat" now.  If you want to be a motivational speaker, don't wait until you've completed coursework, find some people who need motivation and start "rat" now.  If you want to work with youth, find youth who need or what you have to offer, and start "rat" now.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't get more education or training, it means start now and improve your resume and competence as you go along.  Grow where you're planted means to look around and see who needs or wants what you have to offer and offer it to them.  You might find these people in your place of worship, in your book club, in your family, in the house or apartment next door, in your circle of friends, sitting next to you on a bus, standing in line at the grocery store, or any place you find yourself.

You have been given a gift that will only grow when you plant the seed.  And please, don't wait until you find a way to get paid before you get started.  Few people are willing to pay somebody for something that isn't fully developed.  I have a philosophy that has served me well as I've pursued my goals and passions.  That philosophy is, "Do the work and the money will come."  By doing that, you accomplish many things.  One, you get to do what you love to do.  Two, you get practice and have a chance to refine your skills. Three, you begin to gain confidence as you build credibility.  An also, your life begins to have more meaning.

There is a chance that your tree has not bloomed because you haven't planted the seed. So, I suggest that, if you want the fruit (joy, happiness, fulfillment, peace, etc.) from your tree, it might be a good idea to plant your seed where you are "rat" now and watch it bloom into the love of your life.  It sure has worked for me!