Power Hour Lesson Five - Stop Lying on Your "I"

What does that mean, lying on your "I"?  The "I" that you speak of is the inner you, your Spirit.  Your Spirit, like all energy, is resilient, perfection, harmonious, and all the good things in life.  The Spirit is pure Love.  It doesn't get angry, it doesn't get sad, it is never poor, it doesn't get tired, it isn't fat..... and on and on.  Those are just some of the lies that we tell ourselves.  You might feel angry, sad, poor, tired, fat, or a myriad of others ways.  But those are just feelings and they are only designed to let you know that you are not thinking in harmony with your true self, your Spirit, your "I". 

When you are having those "feelings", it is a good time to get quiet, look inside, and ask the question, "What is it that I want?", and when the answer comes, focus, really focus,  on what you want and watch how you world changes.  Your "I" is very powerful and will deliver to you what you focus on most of the time.  Stop lying on your "I" and start living from your higher self.  Ask for what you want and be open to receiving it.