Contract With DHS Renewed

Many organizations talk about how important their people are, but few invest any money to make sure that their most valuable resource is OK.  The Department of Human Service (DHS) has proven to be an exception.  I have been working with the staff in DHS offices in the 15 counties in the Des Moines Service Area since 2009, delivering training which is called, "The Health of the Helper".  I have had the opportunity to work with the Leadership Team, supervisors, and line staff for the last 2 1/2 years.  I have provided large and small group training, and provided one-on-one coaching to improve staff well-being.  It is our belief that, if the staff is taken care of and psychologically healthy, that they will deliver a better quality of service to the people that they serve.  So far, it appears to be paying off.  Just recently, I received a contract renewal to continue the work for up to 3 years. What a blessing! To see some of their comments, visit my webpage: