Fundraiser Update

Thanks to generous contributions from Dr. Bobbretta Brewton and Kate Gilmore, we were able to host Dexter Nardella from Indianapolis who was interested in finding out how we were using the 3 Principles to build community in Des Moines.  We put him up at a hotel and accompanied him to 3 gatherings.  He attended a group that meets monthly a Grace United Methodist Church on Monday, June 28th to see how the faith community shared and benefited from the Princlples.  On Tuesday morning, he joined a group of "helpers" at Peace of Mind Counseling Center to see what the impact of the 3 Principles were on the therapeutic community.  He ended his whirlwind visit Tuesday afternoon with a visit to the Lunch and Learn held at the Birth Center to see how the community was impacted by the Principles.  He returned to Indianapolis filled with the experience and a little Tai food from Tai Flavors.