You Become What You Think About Most of the Time

Much has been written about the Law Of Attraction.  Being the curious person that I am, I decided to do some research.  Based on my research, I am convinced about the validity and the power of the Law Of Attraction.  For those who are not familiar with the Law, it basically says, Like Attracts Like and what you focus on most of the time becomes your reality.  Just like all “Laws,” the Law of Attraction is working for you whether you know it or not.  You don’t have to know how the Law of Gravity works in order for the Law to work in your life - step off a cliff and you are going to fall… think hard enough and often enough about something and it will appear in your life.  Even if you think hard and long about what you don’t want, that which is unwanted will show up also.

Knowledge of this Law is important because many of us are unintentionally drawing things into our lives that we don’t want.  Only when you are aware of the Law Of Attraction and how it works, can you be an Intentional creator.  And now that you know, put your intention and desires only on what you want and see what happens.  Be an Intentional Creator.