Educator, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Author


Tony Wilson is a master facilitator, transformation specialist, motivational speaker, and author. Through his facilitation, he has helped a countless number of individuals regain hope and begin and continue the transformation process.

He has applied his personal style of “magic” in corporate boardrooms, in middle school, high school, and college classrooms, in prison classrooms, in military classrooms,  housing classrooms (kitchens), in homeless shelters, substance abuse treatment facilities, virtually anywhere someone has opened the door and welcomed him in. His fundamental belief in the importance of ”building community” led him to host and facilitate a nine-year-long lunch and learn gathering open to anybody and everybody seeking for a “better way” to look at life, and wanting to attend. He truly lives out his number one value of service in everything that he does.

Tony is a keynote speaker, seminar leader, and facilitator of the process of regaining hope, and using that hope to begin the transformation process. He specializes in partnering with other agencies by adding value to their programs and integrating his unique curriculum and facilitation style to make any partnering agency and their clients emerge stronger, happier, and more empowered than they ever thought possible.

Because of his often low-profile approach to program provision and improvement, he is often referred to as the “man behind the curtain”.

Endorsements for Tony

Tony’s strengths are his ability to Observe, Orient, and Decide.  Tony is a master of Observation – listening, watching, questioning - in order to perceive individual and organizational circumstances and behavior.  He then Orients by synthesizing his Observations in order to formulate potential courses of action.  In his role as my mentor, Tony would then help me to Decide how to proceed given our Observations and Orientations.  This process, and Tony’s counsel, was invaluable to me as I led the organization.  Tony’s other strength is his skill of affirming individual worth, concisely captured in his book “You Are Enough”.  Tony effected this affirmation in me, and in all those he influenced. 

Tony was invaluable to me professionally during the 5 years that I led the 132d Fighter Wing.  Since then, he has provided that same valuable counsel to me personally during my subsequent chapters of life.  His friendship has been of inestimable worth to me, and I highly recommend him as a Facilitator, Consultant or Personal Development Coach.  

-Gregory J Schwab, Major General (Retired), USAF

Mr. Wilson’s words of wisdom help to raise the consciousness of students in a mere 90 minutes. His use of metaphor’s and real world examples help to remind everyone of the importance of mental health and well being. Mr. Wilson is a favorite for Des Moines Area Community College students, providing them with the tools needed to take care of themselves and to maintain holistic health. His peaceful presence, sense of humor, and knowledge are a gift to the soul.    
-Ilima Young-Dunn, Human Services Program Chair, Des Moines Area    Community College

Your statement, 'You are enough', is something very powerful here at the Beacon. Many of the women here need to be reminded that they, like everyone else, are enough. Enough for friends, family, acquaintances, and most importantly for themselves. In order to be at peace with one's self, one must be willing to accept their past, present and future; whatever that may hold.  I have seen some of the women really take a look at their lives and evaluate what needs to be changed or what should stay constant. I have seen women come to this house and go from not wanting to be here, to successfully moving out and making it on their own. Just recently, I spoke to a client that moved out after completing the Beacon's program. When I asked her how she did it, what helped her reach her goals, she replied with 'Tony's speeches'. The simple idea that you can control your own life by simply focusing on yourself was really brought to life within your presentation.    
-Ericka Wipperman, Beacon of Life Residential Center for Women