Thoughts on Thought

Tried by the Fire

There is a scripture that says that, when we are tried by the fire, we will come out as pure gold.  It doesn't say "if" we are tried by the fire, it says "when" we are tried by the fire.  Therefore, we can expect trials and tribulations (fire) and have the faith that we will survive them and we will be better for each one, closer to our true state (gold).  

We are all like gold, in various states of refinement.  Anyone who knows anything about gold mining knows that, when gold is mined, it is covered with dross. Dross is all the impurities mixed in with the gold.  The dross in our lives is all the issues that we are dealing with. When we remember that we all have issues that we're dealing with, it is easier to look past the dross, in others and in ourselves, and see the gold that is there.  It is easier to love, it is easier to forgive, and it is easier to be patient, when we look for the gold instead of the dross.  

The refining process can not be complete without the fire.  So when the fire comes, and it will come, know that "this too shall pass" and know that you will come out the other side as pure gold.

What I Know #6

I asked a question of the Holy Spirit and since He always answers, I waited and listened. The question that I asked is, "How do I share the most powerful "secret" in the Universe with the common person?" The "secret" is the Law of Attraction. Many people have an incomplete or inaccurate understanding of this powerful Law. It simply states "that which is like is attracted unto itself". Ignorance of, and failure to apply this law, keeps us from reaping the many gifts available to us from the Creator, the Source of all abundance. If we would simply focus on what we want (with faith), maintain the feeling of thanks and gratitude as if it we already given, you would see God's abundance flood into your life. Again, I remind you what the scripture says, "You have not because you ask not". The abundance of the Universe is unlimited, take the time to claim your share.

What I Know #5

When we are in alignment with the Creator, with Source, we feel good. Our one job and one goal in life is to feel good. Why would we choose to give up the peace and joy that is our birthright and to focus on conditions around us? When we focus on conditions, we begin to lead conditional lives and fall out of alignment. When we use our internal guidance system to focus only on what feels good to us, our lives transforms and we begin to experience Heaven on earth. Try it for seven days and watch the wonderful things that begin flowing into your life. Or focus on the conditions and get more of what you focus on. Isn't it wonderful that we have a choice?

What I Know #4

The Source, known by many names (God, Allah, All That Is, The Creator, Great Grandfather, etc,) is everywhere, including inside of us. We have lost some of our power when we looked at God as being somewhere up in the sky. That keeps us looking outside of ourselves for what we need. We have the Power within us to do ALL things. It is said, "Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world." As it says in the Lion King movie, "We have forgotten who (and Whose) we are." Turn to the Power within and ask for what you want and have the faith to know that it is always given to you. You just need to be in the right state of mind to receive it. The right state of mind is joy and appreciation. Live there, and you'll be surprised at how fast and how often your prayers are answered. It is Law!